Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The first blog

Our first blog... but, here we go. This will be the official Blogger for all of the Bussey's. Thomas, Chris, Stephen, Tamera, Kimberly, Larry, Cheryl & Mike. One of us will have something to say... so, here is your chance to get the word directly from the Bussey's!


5thprofession47 said...

Hello Bussey Bunch,

I used to train with Robert and Mike in RBWI. I'm still training in martial arts and combatives. I knew Chris and Thomas as kids from all the summer camps here in Nebraska and Texas. Good to see everyone is doing well! Give Sensei my best, I hope he is doing well!

Stay safe,

Christopher Doner
Omaha, NE

Bikerjohn said...

The Busseys mom's tattoo is very cool. She is now a biker chick... Welcome.

Clint said...

Mike Bussey, I grew up back in the day growing up around you hanging out at the old gym at Fourm 303 mall. My dad, Don had several stores in the mall and I always found myself wanting to hang out with you at the gym. So many fond memories. You were always someone I looked up to.
I got home after clinicals tonight and sat down and started flipping channels, and BAM...theres mike Bussey. What a small world. Its been a long time. I hope to stop by and say hi and check out the gym soon.
You have a beautiful family, and I wish nothing but the best for you!
God Bless, Clint Vannoy

Sultress65 said...

Howdy Bussey Bunch,

I am a PCW wrestling fan, I'm there every Sat night. I enjoyed the show on TLC. I look forward to many more episodes of the Bussey Bunch and many more Saturday nights at the arena! by the way, Does Walter need a campaign manager? Keep up the good work